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Happy New Year to ALL of you,

I hope you had wonderful days with your loved ones, some time to relax and enjoy and of course dream and think about your track time in a very speedy and exciting 2018 and here you will find the most possible trackdays for your fun and training.

– 59 days in total – 20 double days to combine – 7 countries – 13 tracks – events started 2004 from successfully racing to instruct on trackdays and last but not least prepared many international racedrivers for the greatest track of all “ the Nordschleife – the Green Hell ” with many great results of international racedrivers of all categories in the 24h as well as WTCC / ETCC Podiums.

Today´s focus is in Spa Francorchamps and Circuit Paul Ricard with the same focus on Sportdrivers as well as international racers to avoid expensive experiences on the track and of course get quicker.

All our cooperations are based on the same prices for you with all extra service supporting you, help to book and provide special arrangements in hotels, rental cars and combine pit rentals and of course be there for your personal instructions if asked for.

One of all people who book five of our trackdays at once can win a delicious 3 course menu in our favourite Hotel in Spa Francorchamps, Le Val D´Ambléve  - trust me you´ll love it.

Just email us for details or give us a ring and in case we can´t talk we call you back, please leave your number.

Available dates:
20/ 21   Ascari Race Resort , Ronda - Spain
23/24    Monteblanco, Sevilla – Spain
26/27    Portimao,  Portugal
29/30    Jerez Circuito, Jerez – Spain
17/18    Ascari Race Resort , Ronda – Spain
03/04    Ascari Race Resort , Ronda – Spain
06/07    Valencia, Valencia – Spain
08         Zolder, Zolder - Belgium
10/11     Barcelona, Barcelona – Spain
16         Monza, Monza - Italy
17/18     Ascari Race Resort , Ronda – Spain                special deals in combination with Portimao available
20-22     Portimao, Portugal                                          special deals in combination with Ascari available
                                                                                              21 only evening session        
For all Spain and Portugal events we can provide Sports- and Racecars for rent or you bring your own car, join one of our transports for around EUR 2500,- return – be quick for that.

26           Misano, Misano – Italy
7/8         Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
7/8         Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
22/23     Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
05           Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
13           Nordschleife, Nürburg - Germany
13/14      Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
26           Dijon Prenois, Dijon – France
26           Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
7/8          Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
9             Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
12           Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
16           Nordschleife, Nürburg – Germany
6             Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
7/8          Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
15/16       Hungaroring, Hungary
30           Magny-Cours, Magny Cours - France
4             Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
18           Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
22/23       Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
24           Barcelona GP, Barcelona – Spain
5             Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
16/17       Dijon Prenois, Dijon – France
20           Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
3             Spa Francorchamps,  Francorchamps – Belgium
10/11       Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
1             Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet- France
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